Where to Have Breakfast

where best breakfast

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to grab breakfast, you may be wondering where you should start your quest. You can find a lot of different options for breakfast in your area, so it’s hard to decide where to start. Here are some suggestions.

New York City

The best places to have breakfast in NYC offer an array of options, from scrumptious egg sandwiches to perfectly cooked pastry. There’s no reason to go hungry in Manhattan. Read on to discover ten breakfast spots that make a good start to the day.

One of the city’s most iconic breakfast spots, George’s has been serving the New York public for more than 70 years. With classic, large portions and a hospitable atmosphere, this restaurant is a staple of the FiDi and the Upper West Side.

One of the newest additions to the city’s breakfast scene, Banter NYC offers a modern take on classic American breakfast items. From the Dark Angel cocktail to a variety of coffee drinks, the menu is sure to appeal to both coffee aficionados and brunch lovers alike.


There are a few places to have breakfast in Honolulu. They range from cheap to fancy. If you’re looking for a place to have breakfast in Honolulu that is both affordable and has a unique Hawaiian flair, you can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants.

The Duke’s Canoe Club is a popular spot for omelets, hula pie, and other breakfast staples. This place is also known for its clam bake. You can try out their seafood and prime rib menus, too.

Liliha Bakery is a classic Honolulu restaurant that is a must-try. Their Coco Puffs are like profiteroles. These chocolate pudding-filled puffs are a local favorite.

Beachside Breakfast offers the best breakfast in Honolulu. This popular eatery is located on the shores of Plumeria Beach, just adjacent to the upscale Kahala Resort.

Cedar Rapids

There are many ways to get your caffeine fix in the morning, but what are some of the best places to go for brunch in the area? Well, for starters we’ve got a couple of brunch spots that you might not have heard of yet. In the list below, you’ll find some of the most fun and unique dining experiences in town. Best of all, there is a free breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. The perks are plentiful, but the lines will be long. You’ll also get to experience some of the city’s most delicious brunch food without the crowds. It’s no wonder the brunch scene is a hit with both residents and visitors alike.

As the sexiest metropolis in Iowa, Cedar Rapids has no shortage of quality dining experiences. With the plethora of options, it can be hard to choose from the hundreds of restaurants and pubs. Fortunately, the city is home to some of the best brunch in town, as well as a few of the best burgers you’ll find anywhere.


Connecticut has a great selection of brunch and breakfast restaurants. Some of these places are new and others are old favorites. Whether you want a hearty breakfast or a delicious lunch, you’ll find a place for you.

One of the most popular restaurants for breakfast in Connecticut is Noah’s Cafe. This cafe has multiple locations throughout the state, and one of its most well-known spots is in Stonington. It features local artwork inside, as well as a variety of coffee choices. The eatery serves travelers from all over.

Effie’s Place Family Restaurant is another popular breakfast spot in Hartford. This family-owned restaurant has a wide variety of items on the menu, including omelets, breakfast sandwiches, French toast, doughnuts, and more.

Another breakfast spot in Connecticut is Corner Restaurant. In addition to serving a huge menu, this restaurant also offers bottomless coffee.


Porto has a variety of great restaurants to choose from for breakfast. This can be a perfect way to begin your day if you want to explore the city. If you have a limited amount of time, it is also a fun and convenient way to taste some local foods and culture.

One of the best spots in Porto for a brunch is Zenith Cafe. This cafe is set in an old warehouse. It has an upbeat atmosphere and a sophisticated menu. The wooden furniture and retro decor make the environment welcoming.

Another great place for a brunch is O Diplomata. This trendy spot has a hipster-friendly layout and serves up fluffy pancakes. They also serve fruit and syrup as well as crunchy crunchies.

A restaurant that has a special place in the hearts of the Porto foodie community is Confeitaria do Bolhao. Founded in 1896, this bakery is a staple in the Portuguese culinary scene. Besides the traditional pastries, they sell sandwiches and toasts.