What Country Has the Healthiest Breakfast?

As with many things in life, the way breakfast is eaten varies from country to country. The healthiest breakfast is a combination of foods that are satisfying and healthy for you.

In Japan, for example, it’s a simple steamed rice or okayu porridge with tofu, pickled vegetables, fermented soy beans, and dried seaweed. Add a little egg and a cup of green tea, and you’ve got a deliciously nutritious meal.


A healthy breakfast is the best start to a day and there are lots of options out there, depending on your preferences and culture. However, one country stands out from the rest when it comes to their breakfast – Japan.

Traditional Japanese breakfasts eschew most Western ingredients in favour of rice, miso soup, tofu, pickled vegetables, fermented soy beans, dried seaweed and fish. They are all low in sugar and are packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The food is paired with a bowl of green tea, which provides an abundance of antioxidants. Having a traditional tea ceremony is also highly recommended as it provides a deeper insight into the tradition of Japan.

Japan is a nation of cultural diversity with each region boasting their own unique identities, traditions and practices. During the spring, many people take part in hanami (blossom viewing), often enjoying drinks and food while they watch the petals fall from the trees.


It’s no secret that breakfast is a key part of healthy living. A good breakfast will give you energy to get you started for the day, without filling you up on excess fat and carbs.

The world has many different cultures with their own unique ways of eating for breakfast, so it can be difficult to find the best healthy options. But with the help of some experts, we’ve compiled a list of the healthiest breakfasts from across the globe!

Sweden ranks number one in the survey with its healthy and delicious muesli. This cold oats cereal is packed with rolled oats, grains, nuts and fruits.

The country also has plenty of seafood, and the local favorite is mackerel. Mackerel filets are often served for breakfast with toast or eggs. They’re a great source of protein and are a low-calorie alternative to eggs. They can be purchased from a local supermarket and are very easy to prepare.


The French are known for their croissants and baguettes, but there’s so much more to a typical French breakfast. There are savory options like quiche Lorraine, and sweeter ones, too.

For example, French people love their fruit salad and yogurt! They also enjoy coffee and tea at their breakfast table.

Typically, French breakfasts are light and easy to prepare. They typically consist of breakfast cereals, a tartine (bread with topping), and a drink.

Aside from bread, the French also love to eat a variety of pastries and cookies. Some of their favorites include pain au chocolat, croissant, and even a Chelsea bun!

Other popular items on the French breakfast table are chousson aux pommes, or apple turnover. These are light and airy and filled with apple fillings. They’re delicious and perfect for a healthy morning breakfast!


There’s a lot that differs in the way people eat around the world, and this is true even for breakfast. Many cultures eat heavy foods for this meal, while others prefer light meals and low-calorie options.

Italians generally follow a healthy eating culture that emphasizes portion control. They know that you don’t need excessive amounts of food to function and look your best, so they don’t eat too much in the mornings.

In Italian households, the typical breakfast includes a cup of coffee, usually espresso, with bread that’s topped with butter and jam. A savory option might include sausages, ham or eggs.

However, these days, many Italians go to a cafe for their breakfast. These bars typically have a variety of pastries, including brioche and cornetti (similar to croissants but shaped into a twisted horn shape), along with bread or rolls with Nutella or jam.